European Information System on Forest Genetic Resources

As of today, the EUFGIS database contains information on 3131 units and 103 tree species in 34 countries. The units harbour a total of 3777 tree populations.

Welcome to EUFGIS

This website provides you with geo-referenced information on the conservation of forest genetic resources in Europe and access to detailed data on dynamic gene conservation units of forest trees in different countries. The data is provided and frequently updated by national focal points based on pan-European minimum requirements and data standards for the units.

EUFGIS serves as a documentation platform linking national inventories on forest genetic resources in Europe. This supports the countries in their efforts to conserve forest genetic resources as part of sustainable forest management, as agreed in the context of Forest Europe, the pan-European forest policy process.

The countries can use EUFGIS for various reporting efforts, such as the State of Europe’s Forests and the State of World’s Forest Genetic Resources reports. It can also be used for identifying gaps in genetic conservation efforts within the distribution ranges of forest trees, developing gene conservation strategies for forest trees at pan-European level and sampling tree populations for research purposes. 

The information system was developed by the EUFGIS project (Establishment of a European Information System on Forest Genetic Resources, April 2007-March 2011) in close collaboration with the European Forest Genetic Resources Programme (EUFORGEN) and its member countries. The EUFGIS project was co-funded by the European Commission through the Council Regulation (EC No 870/2004) on genetic resources in agriculture. In addition to the national focal points, a large group of experts and scientists contributed to the development of the information system.